Mounting A Horse

There's a lot more to mounting a horse than simply jumping on. A proper mount goes a long way in establishing trust between the horse and the rider.
1.   Take the reins in your left hand (drape the slack over the horse's right side). Grasp hold of the base of the horse's mane with your left hand as well. 
2.   Use your right hand to turn the left stirrup iron toward you. Put your left foot in the stirrup, parallel to the horse's side. 
3.   Grab the back of the saddle, or cantle, with your right hand. 
4.   Bounce on the ball of your right foot. 
5.   Push off with your right foot and put your weight on your left foot (in the stirrup), while simultaneously pulling on the saddle and the horse's neck. 
6.   Balance on your hands and left foot in a standing position, then swing your right foot over the horse as you release your right hand from the saddle. 
7.   Lower yourself gently into the saddle. 
8.   Put your right foot in the stirrup and take up the slack in the reins. 
 Keep the reins in your hands at all times. 
 Try using a block for mounting, or have someone boost you onto the horse if you are having difficulty. 
 Always wear a hard hat and proper riding boots when you ride.
 Horseback riding is an inherently dangerous activity that can result in serious injury or death. We recommend that you seek proper training and equipment before attempting this activity.
 Tips from eHow Users:
 Light as a feather by eHow Friend
Don't jump onto your horse's back - that could hurt them. When you sit down into your seat, pretend you are as light as feather and sit down lightly and gracefully. The faster you go the more weight you'll slam into the saddle.

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