Dismouting A Horse

Vault-off dismount

When the horse is standing still, gather both reins in your left hand and also grab a hank of mane. Slip both feet out of the stirrup irons. Lean forward over the horse’s neck. Supporting your weight on your left hand and stomach/chest, swing your right leg up and over the horse’s croup. As it clears, swing your torso around so that your face is looking over the off side of the horse. Simultaneously grasp the cantle with your right hand. As your weight shifts to the near side of the horse, either slide gently down the saddle, helping your self with both hands, until your feet touch the ground. Or, if you are more energetic, give a small push with your hands and spring slightly away from the horse, landing on your feet. Remember to absorb the shock of landing on slightly bended knees.

Taken from Suite 101

The Equine

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