Fitting a Bridle

How to Fit a Bridle
Make sure the throat lash and noseband are undone. Standing on the near side (left) of your horse along side his neck put the reins over his head and neck.

Put your right hand under your horse's jaw and pass the bridle to your right hand taking hold of the two cheek pieces.

Hold the bit in your left hand and gently press your horse's gum at the gap between his teeth until he opens his mouth. This will allow you to gently pull the bit up over his tongue by lifting the cheek pieces.





Keep the bit in his mouth and using both hands, gently slide the head piece over his ears, one at a time.

Then pull his forelock over the browband. From the front make sure that the bit, noseband and browband are level and make sure that there are not any twists.






Fasten the throatash - there should be a hands width between the throatlash and your horse's jaw.






Fasten the noseband allowing for two fingers width between it and your horse's nose.








There should be room to fit two fingers under the browband of the bridle








Taken From New Rider

The Equine

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