Travel Clothing

Horses should wear protective travel clothing
to protect them from injury and to ensure that
they stay safe and comfortable during
loading and the journey itself.
The equipment and clothing used should be
well fitting and of a suitable type for the
conditions and the individual horse’s needs.
A horse should always wear a good leather
head-collar that fits correctly. Poll guards
protect the top of a horse’s head from injury,
while tail guards and bandages are
important to prevent damage and rubbing to
the tail.
Leg protection can be provided in the form of bandages or purpose-made leg protectors.
Whichever you choose, check that they fit correctly and in the case of bandages, ensure
that you are aware how to apply them safely and correctly.
There are many types of sweat and cooler rugs on the market to help your horse arrive at
the destination looking smart, and these can also prevent a horse becoming chilled whilst
in transport, which is important. However, beware of over-rugging your horse, as many are
already warm (especially field-kept horses and ponies) and unnecessary sweating and
overheating compromises the welfare of your horse.
With all of the above equipment, it is essential that the horse is used to it and happy to
wear it, and is able to move comfortably before being asked to wear it while travelling.
Many horses react to protective leg wear and can feel restricted by it, so spend time with
your horse before planning a trip, practising getting “dressed up”. The time spent practising
is invaluable.

The Equine

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