Training to Load

Training a horse to load takes patience and
preparation. Never leave it until the last minute
and never suddenly decide to load a horse
when you are in a hurry and short of time. It
can be quite unnerving for a horse to walk on
a ramp and into a small space. Take one step
at a time and remain calm. There are many
different approaches to loading a horse to
choose from, so use a method that does not
either frighten or punish your horse or present
a safety risk to either you or your horse.
Do not fall into the habit of using bribes to get
your horse up the ramp (one day when it is
really important they will not work). If you wish
to use food as a reward, give a small feed in
the trailer once the horse has loaded. If your
horse has a known loading or travelling
problem due to a bad experience or journey,
be prepared to look at every aspect of your
horse’s training and the type of transporter
you are using. You may need to enlist the help
of someone more experienced, but be happy
with the methods they plan to use to help load
your horse.

Once your horse is loading happily, move onto short trips and avoid making your first trip to
a show, as both you and your horse are more likely to become stressed. By taking small
steps and remaining calm and patient, the end result should be that both you and your
horse are happy to travel, whatever the destination.

The Equine

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