Towing tips

Check that the connection to the ball hitch is in fully and the safety chain is fitted.

Check that the electrics and lights are working.

Make sure that the jockey wheel is up and locked when the trailer is connected.

Do not exceed the maximum of 60 miles per hour.

Allow extra braking distances and avoid braking hard.

Make sure that the vehicle you are using for towing is adequate to tow a trailer loaded.

Avoid violent changes of direction .

If the trailer starts to "snake" brake slowly, accelerate the vehicle and then drive out. Then slow down.

Allow a wider turning space.

Do not tow in the outside lane on the motorway as it is illegal.

When reversing check that your path is clear, go slowly  and use the lowest gear possible.

Keep an eye on the trailer all the time you are reversing. Practice in a safe place.

Fit extended mirrors to the outside of your vehicle.

The Equine

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