Flies Fly Away

What are you going to try next, Net tex fly repellent seems to work. And doesn't contain Citronella which will be banned from Sept. 2006.

Fly Repellent Advanced - One application will last up to 72 hoursfly spray

Net-Tex fly control range contains highly reserached and effective, long lasting formulations that are blended with conditioners and moistursiers to enhance longevity.  
Further advancements have been made with our Fly Repellent Advanced formulation that will now last for three days with just ONE application.

All Net-Tex fly products are registered and approved by the Health & Safety Executive
This new addition to the range will offer protection against flying insects in excess of three days with just ONE application. Advanced technology and a natural compound developed by Net-Tex now ensure that the turned out horse will live life stress free of flying insects for days on end. 
Provides fly relief in excess of three days
Contains DEET, Tea Tree Oil and a newly developed natural compound for maximum protection
Blended with conditioners and moisturisers to enhance longetivity
Does not contain any banned substances
Soothes the after sting
Does not contain a gimmicky perfume
Comes in a 500ml handy trigger spray and cost effective 2 litre re-fill container

But try Elder The leaves, when bruised: keep away flies are offensive to most insects
is used in a decoction to sprinkle on plants to keep away aphids can be used as an antiseptic poultice for external wounds .

The Equine

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