Plaiting Manes

You will need :-

    Mane Comb
    Water brush or sponge
    Rubber bands
    Blunt-ended scissors
    Large-eyed blunt-ended needle (darning)

    1)Brush the mane so it lies flat against the horse's neck and damp it down slightly with a water brush or sponge.

    Divide the mane into equal sections and secure with elastic bands.

    2)Thread the needle with the thread and tie it to the eye of the needle making it easy to find if you drop it.

    Working from the top of the neck damp down each section and then start plaiting neatly weaving the thread into the plait, keeping the top of the plait tight against the roots of the hair.

    3)Plait down as far as you can and then wrap the thread round the end of the plait and secure it with a half-hitch knot.

    4)Take your needle and pass it through the mane near the roots halving the length of the plait.

    Fold the plait in half again and put the needle back through the root and folded plait. Secure by stitching through the plait several times.

    5)Finish off by plaiting the forelock.

    Taken From New Rider

The Equine

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