Simple Rules of feeding

Feed little and often.

Feed plenty of roughage. Without roughage the digestive process is impossible.

Make fresh water available at all times.

Keep to the same feeding hours each day.

Feed good quality and clean forage only.

Feed according to the work done.

Feed succulents daily.

Feed according to size age, temprement, condition, specialist feeding for brood mares, invalids, older horses, vices.

Do not make any suddden changes in the type of food or routine of feeding. All changes should be done on a gradual basis.

Do not work a horse straight after a meal or when the stomach is full of grass. Allow a good 1 hour after feeding before exercise. Allow longer if the horse has just had maize.

Some horses feed better at night.

Regular worming programme, Dental checks.

Ensure mineral lick available.

Chop carrots into fingers.

Total Weight of feed to height of horse.

 hh  11hh >  12 >  13 >  14 >  15  >  16  >  17hh
 Weight  5lbs  10  15  20  25  30  35lbs

Horse Feeding roughage to concentrates according to work done

Maintenance - no concentrates - on decent grass - otherwise 10%
Light work - hacking daily for an hour 20%
Medium work - active hacking and cantering, jumping, pony club- 30%
Hard work - hunting, polo, long distance 45%
Very hard work - eventing, long distance comps 55%

The Equine

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