Maize has the highest energy level of all the grains. Cracked maize with a musty odour is likely to deteriorate very quickly. Do not store any cracked grain for more than 4 weeks as this increases its chance of absorbing moisture and being contaminated by mycotoxins.
Maize supplies good quantities of vitamin A. It is deficient in some amino acids and has a poor protein quality.



Above Micronised maize

It is very low in fibre and is thus a very concentrated feed. Do not feed large amounts of maize to horses as it can cause digestive upsets. Maize should make up no more than 25% of any grain mix.

You should cut it out or reduce the amount fed on rest days, has been linked with tying up.

Don't swap oats for maize unless you want to substantially increase the energy content of the ration.

Extruded or Micronized Maize helps to significantly reduce the risk of excess raw starch being rapidly fermented in the hindgut and its associated side effects.Because its digested easier.

Maize is often fed in hot countries when horses may have a smaller appetite.

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