Qualification Structure for NVQ/SVQ Level 2

Horse Care Level 2 is the basic qualification for employment in the horse industry and can

normally be achieved in approximately 15 - 18 months. Competence at this level will involve the

application of knowledge and skills in a significant range of varied work activities performed in a

variety of contexts. Some of these activities may be complex and non-routine tasks, there is some

individual responsibility and working in a group or team may often be a requirement. A person with

this qualification should work for limited periods without supervision and ride a variety of straight

forward horses, if the riding option has been competed.

The qualification consists of eight mandatory units and one optional unit which, when credited to

candidates, will be a valuable guide to their ability to carry out a particular task in a stable yard or

stud. It is desirable that candidates should obtain the majority of their training and assessment in

the workplace.



Mandatory Units – the candidate must achieve all of these units



201 Prepare and clean stables 1. Prepare stables for horses

2. Clean and maintain stables



202 Maintain the health and well-being 1. Feed and water horses

of horses 2. Monitor the health and well-being of horses

3. Restrain horses using specified methods



203 Prepare horses for use 1. Fit and remove horse clothing

2. Plait and trim horses

3. Clean and groom horses for appearance



204 Prepare and maintain horses on 1. Prepare grazing land for the introduction

grazing land of horses

2. Maintain horses on grazing land



205 Prepare and provide non-ridden 1. Fit tack for exercise

exercise and aftercare 2. Lunge quiet horses under supervision

3. Care for horses after they have exercised



206 Load and unload horses 1. Load horses under supervision

under supervision 2. Unload horses under supervision

207 Ensure your own actions reduce 1. Identify the hazards and evaluate the risks in

risks to health and safety your workplace

(Employment NTO, Unit A) 2. Reduce the risks to health and safety in

your workplace



208 Maintain effective working 1. Maintain and develop personal performance

relationships 2. Establish and maintain effective working

relationships with others



Optional Units – the candidate must achieve one of these units



210 Assist with reproduction, 1. Assist in teasing and covering

parturition care and young stock 2. Assist with foaling

3. Assist in handling mares and foals

2. Assist with the preparation of breeding stock

for sales



212 Exercise horses under supervision 1. Ride horses on the road

2. Ride horses in the open

3. Ride and lead quiet horses



213 Ride schooled horses under 1. Ride schooled horses on the road

supervision 2. Ride schooled horses

3. Jump schooled horses



214 Drive horses under supervision 1. Apply harnesses and hitch horses

2. Drive quiet horses

3. Clean and maintain vehicles and harnesses



215 Assist with leading a trek 1. Assist with pre and post trek procedures

2. Assist the trek leader during a trek



216 Assist with the specialist care 1. Assist with the on-going care of performance

of performance horses horses

2. Assist with the care of performance horses

after strenuous exercise

3. Assist with the care of performance

horses during competitions



217 Assist riders with special needs 1. Prepare horses and riders with special needs

2. Assist with mounting and dismounting

3. Assist with riding




n order to gain the complete qualification the candidate must achieve all the Mandatory

Units 201 to 208 and one optional unit.

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