Qualification Structure for NVQ/SVQ Level 1

Horse Care Level 1 is a qualification which most stable or stud staff should be capable of

achieving within the first three months of entering the industry. Competence at this level will

involve the candidate applying knowledge and skills in the performance of a range of varied work

activities, most of which will be routine and predictable.

The NVQ/SVQ Level 1 for Horse Care covers the basic skills of working with horses in the equine

sector. All the work covered by the qualification will be carried out under supervision. This is

reflected in the unit titles that describe ‘assisting with’ specific tasks and functions. The

qualification will provide a good grounding in horse care. There is also an additionally accredited

unit concerning riding quiet horses in an enclosed area.

The qualification consists of five mandatory units, which when credited to candidates, will be a

valuable guide to their ability to carry out a particular task in a stable yard or stud. It is desirable

that candidates should obtain the majority of their training and assessment in the workplace. The

Level 1 qualification should be regarded as a foundation level, or stepping stone, for trainees or

inexperienced workers (stable lads/stable girls, stud hands), to demonstrate that they are able to

carry out a basic range of routine tasks related to the care and use of horses under supervision.


Mandatory Units



101 Assist with the care of horses 1. Assist with feeding and watering horses

2. Assist with grooming and washing horses


102 Assist with cleaning the stables 1. Assist with cleaning stables

and yard 2. Assist with cleaning the yard

103 Assist with putting on, taking off 1. Assist with putting on and taking off tack

and cleaning equipment 2. Assist with putting on and taking off horse


3. Assist with cleaning tack and horse clothing


104 Assist with handling horses 1. Assist with leading and controlling a horse

for inspection

2. Assist with catching and moving horses


105 Maintain health, safety and good 1. Maintain health and safety in the

working relations workplace

2. Maintain good working relations with others

Additionally Accredited Unit

This unit is available to candidates who have an interest in achieving a riding unit. However it does not form part of the qualification

106 Ride horses in an enclosed area

1. Mount and dismount quiet horses
2. Ride a quiet hors In order to gain the qualification the candidate must successfully achieve all the Mandatory Units 101 to 105.


The Equine

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