Horse ownership Stage 1

Knowledge of horse types, uses, colours and markings.

Elementary stable management.

Knowledge of care and maintenance required to keep a horse healthy and comfortable

in a stable.

Stable routine and safety in the stable. Safe handling of both the horse and equipment

necessary for his well-being. A knowledge of substances in common use which require

particular care and/or storage.

Identification of items of tack in common use and naming of the parts.

Basic care of tack. Ability to take to pieces, inspect for safety, clean and re-assemble.

Reasons and principles of grooming. Knowledge of the items in a grooming kit and

their use.

Basic knowledge of shoeing and care of the foot.

Recognition of signs of health and ill health and when to call a vet. Temperature, pulse,

respiration and the signs of health.

Preventative treatments - worming, flu-vac etc. A basic knowledge of the need to worm

and vaccinate.

Elementary principles of watering and feeding. Rules of feeding and watering.

A knowledge of buying a horse. Points to look for. The need for a vet to assess the

horse before purchase.

Elementary rules for preparing a horse for a ride; riding out on the roads; returning from

a ride; riding dress.

The Equine

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