Horse Ownership Stage 3

The recognition, treatment and care of common injuries and ailments, further to Level Two.

Changes from management in the stable to management at grass and vice-versa. The

procedures for getting a horse up from a period out at grass e.g., teeth, worming etc.

and the procedures for roughing-off a horse.

Clipping, trimming and plaiting.

Care and maintenance of horse transport; to include both horse boxes and trailers.

A knowledge of the law regarding the transit of horses. Weight ratios for trailers and

legal requirement with regard to towing.

Preparation of the horse for travel. A knowledge of equipment needed with regard to

the length of journey and the climatic conditions.

The care of the horse trekking and in competitive events.

Understand fitness and condition, and the maintenance of both.

Knowledge of good and bad stable construction. Different types of stabling. Basic

requirements of planning regulations.

Layout of stable yard to include handling and disposal of the muck heap.

Knowledge of horse clothing and bandaging. Care and maintenance of both.

Recognition of good and bad forage. Knowledge of different grasses found in hay

samples and ability to identify weeds and poor grasses.

Storage of forage

Have a working knowledge of the costs involved in keeping a horse.

Have a knowledge of the activities of:-

The British Horse Society

Riding Clubs

The Pony Club

The Equine

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