History of Horses

Drawings of the horse dated around 3000 BC exist and the book of Job refers to the horse and his rider hunting ostriches. Cave drawings from the Bronze age depict horses pulling chariots. The earliest records of horses being ridden were found in a tomb in Egypt dated to 1600 BC.

The first written text about the horse was produced in 1400 BC and concerned the training of chariot horses and around 360BC Xenophon wrote "The Art of Horsemanship", which is still relevant for today and covers riding the horse as well as its care and the pshycology of the horse.

Around the 4th century horses were being ridden in saddles with stirrups which was an asiatic invention widely adopted after the time of Charlemagne and allowed for the development of mounted knights.

Taken From Equine World

The Equine

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