2nd Place Tack Agency

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Hi my name is Gill Newhouse, and along with my daughter, Laura and the help of my friend Fiona, we run the 2nd place tack agency .

Having horses for years ,and  my children going through many stages with different horses and ponies, like you I am sure, I collected lots of different tack, clothes and all the bits and bobs that go with it.  I have given loads of stuff away, bought even more and generally spent a small fortune, so I decided that there has to be a way to buy and sell that can benefit us all.

Selling via public and web auctions can work for some people and for some items, but  I don't know about you, I find tack very tactile; I like to look, feel, smell the leather, and have a good rummage. Plus, we also allow you to take some items of tack away too try them out for size, hopefully this stops you from being stuck with yet another unwanted item..

So, i do hope that you like this forum for buying and selling.  If you have items of unwanted tack to sell please bring them along. Or if your looking for a particular item or just love a bargain please contact me for opening times, as I am running this from home. So if I'm home, I'm open.

Wish List
This allows you to tell me the items you are looking for and hopefully others using the agency or website will have the item or know someone who does !

I hope you feel this is a good opportunity too, give it a try, and I look forward to hearing from you.